The kilosecond (ks) is a unit of time in the International System of Units, defined as 103 seconds using the SI prefix system. SI units of time longer than a second, including kiloseconds, are rarely used because the traditional units of time, such as minutes, hours, and days are still widely used worldwide. Kilosecond is most commonly mentioned in the field of astrophysics. One kilosecond is 16.6 minutes and there are 86.4 kiloseconds in a 24 hour day.

The average music albums last around three kiloseconds (around 50 minutes), while movies last for about seven kiloseconds (about 2 hours) on average. The typical full work day in the U.S. is 28.8 ks (8 hrs).

Kilosecond can be used as a unit of speed together with the imperial unit mile, producing miles per kilosecond. Mi/ks can be resulted by dividing miles per hour by 3.6 or by dividing kilometers per hour by 2.237. People walk at the average speed of around 0.85 mi/ks. Cars on the side roads typically travel at 10 mi/ks, while travelling from 15–20 mi/ks on the expressways. Note that kilometers per kilosecond is the same unit as meters per second.

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