Although lifetime generally means the period when a person is alive, there is the unit of time called lifetime. The unit is based on the average human lifespan around the world, which is 70 years. It is said that people lived a quality amount of life if they live for more than 70 years. This unit can be used to specify how long people live in addition to years. The longest lifespan of any known person is Jeanne Calment, who lived for roughly 1.75 lifetimes. Methuselah had the longest human lifespan in the bible at nearly 14 lifetimes. Kalique Abrasax, a character in the movie Jupiter Ascending, is 200 lifetimes old when events in the movie take place, but she attains her youthful appearance while continuously extending her life by using RegeneX. Kalique's mother, Seraphi, lived for nearly 1300 lifetimes before she was murdered.

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