The mickey is a unit used to describe the distance of movement of a computer mouse (presumably getting its name from Mickey Mouse). There are a number of slightly different definitions for this unit:

  • The "Kyle's Converter" site[1] says that 1 mickey is exactly 1/200 inch or 1.27× 10-4 meter.
  • The "Webopedia" site[2] gives a mickey as approximately 1/200 inch.
  • Russ Rowlett's units dictionary[3] states that the mickey is "the length of the smallest detectable movement of the mouse," depending on the equipment, and can range from 1/200 to 1/300 inch (1.27× 10-4 to 8.466667× 10-5 meter).
  • The original "Microsoft Mouse Programmers Reference Guide", (c) 1986, in section 5 on page 9, under the title "Mouse Unit of Distance: The Mickey" states that a mickey is "approximately 1/200 inch."


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